Equipo Concepcion

Volcán Concepción is a majestic volcano located on an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Nicaragua is home to plenty of reptiles and tropical birds, but volcán Concepción uniquely hosts a number of mammals such as Congo monkeys, deer, and peccary pigs. The swimmers in this group also carry a reputation of diversity. Training every Wednesday, group Concepción consists of a wide array of ages, genders, time in Nica Nadadores, ability levels, and come from different communities from all over Managua. Student-athletes on team Concepción range from ten to fifteen years old and swim at a novice level. Check out some of the swimmers that represent volcán Concepción!

Anabel Vanessa Salgado Nolgdo

Anabel started out unable to cross the pool, but has checked that off in just two months. Anabel is looking to move up from our beginner to the intermediate group in the coming months if she continues to progress and work hard!

Betzayda Rodriguez

Betzayda is our most promising swimmer in our morning class and she’s shown great improvement the past two months by working hard at practice! Betzayda has two older sisters in Nica Nadadores, Sarai and Genisis, who are both great swimmers. Betzayada is planning on being better than them!

Sponsored By: Donna and Lee Smith

Celeste Isabel Sanz Ortiz

Isabel has been coming to Nica Nadadores with her twin sister Massiel for a little over a year. Since January they’ve been studying in the afternoon at school and therefore couldn’t continue attending Nica Nadadores afternoon practices. Our morning classes give her a chance to get back in the pool and improve her stroke! Isabel is quick to say she’s taller than her sister!

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Celeste Massiel Sanz Ortiz

Massiel swims along with her twin sister Isabel. She loves every chance she gets to be in the pool and recently learned how to do a flip turn! Determined to improve it, we see her practicing extra turns at the end of every practice! Massiel is quick to say she’s faster than her twin!

Sponsored By: Edward Fox

Esteban Gabriel Narbaes Rocha

Esteban Esteban—Esteban had to stop swimming with Nica Nadadores in February when he started studying in the afternoon at school. He was thrilled when we told him we would now have morning swim classes so he can get back in the pool and get to work. Esteban has two siblings that swim in the Nica Nads program!

Sponsored By: Hayes Family

Fabiana Michell

Fabiana started out doing doggy paddle in the shallow end and in a matter of weeks she got over her fears of the deep end and can now successfully cross the pool in freestyle! Fabiana studies at the local public school in 4 th grade.

Sponsored By: Phoenix Aquatic Club

Fabio Alejandro Gutierrez Cruz

Fabio has been a part of our morning classes for a month now and has shown great progress. Pretty soon he’ll be ready to move from the beginner group to intermediate! Fabio also plays baseball with the Chiquilistagua Estrellas!

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Genesis Tellez

Genisis just joined Nica Nadadores this year and currently studies in the 5th grade at the local public school. Genesis has made great improvements since joining and is now a leader in the intermediate practice group.

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Joshua Altamirano

Joshua is the lane leader for the intermediate group and always a great role model for the other kids in the class, encouraging the other swimmers. He’s always paying attention and eager to develop his swimming skills. Joshua wishes he has swimming more than twice a week!

Sponsored By: Daniel Johnson in honor of University of Virginia Swimming

Kevin Moreno

Kevin currently studies in 5 th grade at the public school. He’s a bit of a jokester but always works hard at practice and loves practicing his dives. Kevin is consistent in his attendance and we’re working on getting him more serious about school.

Sponsored By: Tom Anderson in honor of Stanford Swimming

Louisa Mariana Gonzalez Martinez

Louisa shows great dedication to her team and the program by not missing any classes this year. Three of her older siblings’ swim in Nica Nadadores. Louisa is in 5 th grade at the public school and she’s getting a lot faster in the water!

Sponsored By: Murray Family

Luiscito Morales Sanchez

Luiscito came to Nica Nadadores with no prior swimming experience. But at only 5 years old, he’s fearless in the water and is eager to learn along with the other swimmers, even venturing into the deep end with the help of his instructors.

Sponsored By: Brady Fox

Melissa Navarrez

Melissa is part of our intermediate group and is always the first one into the pool at practice. No matter the task, Melissa never fails to take on every challenge with a smile and determination. Melissa has a great outlook on keeping the fun in swimming while intent on improving.

Randy Josue Ullua

Randy is one of the most enthusiastic swimmers in our morning classes, always full of energy and ready to swim. He’s been making great progress in his swimming, especially on his flip turns! Randy studies at the public school in 5 th grade and he’s really improved in his grades since last year!

Sponsored By: Ingraham Family

Yuri Esperanza

Yuri is a beginner in our morning class and continues to make great progress. Despite being afraid of the deep end, she continues to work on her stroke so she’ll be confident to swim there. Yuri a little over 20 min with her older brother Joshua, just to get to practice!

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