Equipo Masaya

Volcán Masaya is one of the top tourist attractions in all of Nicaragua. When standing at the rim of the deep volcanic crater it is easy look down and see the bright glow of hot magma. The flow of the lava sounds like waves crashing at the beach! Both volcán Masaya and the swimmers in this training group are energetically waiting for their chance to explode. The student-athletes on the volcán Masaya team are all under ten years old. As our youngest swimmers, they have a brand new excitement for the sport of swimming. This group swims on Tuesday’s and the instructors for the class are older swimmers in the program. Check out some of the little swimmers that represent the intensity of volcán Masaya!

Adriana Jenell Rueda Sanchez

Adriana moved up to the advanced group just a few months ago and despite the big step, she’s risen to the challenge and pushes herself to stay with her new group. Although she swims with flippers she sometimes leads the lane! Adriana is only 5 years old!

Sponsored By: Nita Davis

Alfredo Prino de Poma

Alfredo is Dariana’s brother, so he just joined our program as well. Alfredo is doing great and he’s got the basics of blowing bubbles and kicking down pretty good. Alfredo is always excited to swim and he’s definitely going to improve quickly.

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Anthony Ezequel Tallez Renoza

Anthony just keeps getting better! Every week he comes to swim class and he’s always excited to swim with his coach Gerald. Anthony is in 5 th grade at a local private school and based on his excellent attendance over the last 6 months, he will definitely qualify for a scholarship in 2018.

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Araceli Valentina Nabaes Rocha

Araceli swims in the intermediate group with her coach Sarai and Fernando. Araceli has two brothers in Nica Nads. Araceli is in her first year in our scholarship program and the more challenging school has proven to be difficult. Araceli looks to get her grades up and finish strong in 2017!

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Axel Raul Carazo Garcia

Axel has been a stud in his Tuesday training group. We’re about to move Axel up in training groups because he’s definitely got a natural feel for water. Axel has already been informed that he will be in our scholarship program in 2018.

Sponsored By: Graham Greytak

Blanka Ramos

Blanka just started swimming and she’s got a huge future! Blanka is only 6 years old and she has a great stroke. Blanka comes from a very humble family and is very appreciative of the Nica Nadadores program. Blanka will be a star if she keeps with swimming!

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Brandon Eliezer Cortes Lidra

Brandon has a strong family connection to Nica Nadadores. He has about 4 cousins that all swim and his parents are very involved. Brandon does great in swim practice and he’s another young boy that’s on the verge of being transferred into a more challenging lane.

Sponsored By: Ingraham Family

Bryan Pena

Bryan is listed here in the Equipo Masaya team but in reality, he swims every day of the week but Friday. Bryan is our second strongest eight-year- old behind Libni. Bryan is in 4 th grade in our scholarship program at Nino Jesus de Praga.

Sponsored By: CAC Masters Team

Celest Nicole Vargas Morales

Nicole has been swimming for close to two years and she loves it. Nicole has been one of the most consistent athletes in our program. At only seven-years- old, Nicole is on track to be a great swimmer! Nicole swims in Nica Nadadores with her older sister Selena.

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Dariana Prino de Poma

Dariana actually started swimming in a learn to swim pay course back in April. Her family thought it was awesome, but they couldn’t afford to keep paying for lessons. When the family asked to join Nica Nadadores we said “of course” and since then Dariana has been doing great!

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Deyling Marisol Paiz Hernandez

Deyling is one of the shyest swimmers on the team, but she’s almost never shy to pass her teammates and go first! She has great stroke form for being only nine-years- old. Deyling lives in a rural area of Chiquilistagua and her family grows watermelons!

Sponsored By: Meggie Mizelle

Elizabeth Munoz Mendoza

Elizabeth is a great swimmer! She’s always competing to get better. Elizabeth just started back in January 2017 and she’s gotten a lot more comfortable in the water. Elizabeth is the cousin of Libni another swimmer in our program.

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Emmerson Paiz Hernandaz

Emmerson! Emmerson is a long-haired, toothless, six-year old who’s still in the splashing stage. Emmerson is a fan favorite because he’s definitely a cute kid. Emmerson has a sister, Deyling who swims with Nica Nadadores too!

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Engel Alexander Canales Mora

Engel is a rising star in the intermediate group. Engel competed for the first time this year in our Intra-squad Competition. Engle can confidently swim 50mts without stopping. Engel studies at a very good private school called COVANIC with the help of Nica Nadadores.

Sponsored By: Alex Germain

Freddy Ramos

Freddy is another swimmer on the verge of graduating into a more challenging training group. Freddy started out swimming really tense, but now he swims pretty smooth. For learning to swim so recently, Freddy has a great future.

Sponsored By: Edward Fox

Genesis Daniela Perez Aburto

Daniela is a little ball of energy. Although she’s not the best swimmer, she’s always cracking jokes and making her teammates and coaches laugh. Daniela can easily keep up with her advanced group and we’re encouraging her to take training a little more seriously.

Sponsored By: Ron Mitchell

Jared Alberto Salguera Mejia

Jared just turned 7 this year! He’s going to be a force to reckon with over the coming years. Jared’s aunt says that the days he has practices, he comes home from school and immediately gets his swim bag and waits outside until it’s time to swim! Jared is a young stud for sure!

Sponsored By: Emden Family

Jasson Jeremias Flores Tellez

Jeremias is a wild one. He’s always a little hard to get focused. Ironically however, he seems to easily understand intervals, sets, and times. Jeremias is very competitive and looks to win whatever he takes part in.

Sponsored By: North Penn Aquatic Club

Jefferson Ramos

Jefferson is Freddy’s brother and the two siblings go at it head to head frequently. Jefferson has a natural ability to swim and he has never missed a swim class since starting back in January. Jefferson is a great young kid from a very humble family.

Sponsored By: Jeutter-Robertson Family

Kendra Nicole Toruno Guevara

Kendra has been in Nica Nadadores for a little over two years. Kendra’s mom is a high school teacher at Nino Jesus de Praga so Kendra has a great focus on school. Kendra is only 7 years old and can easily cross the pool. Kendra won her race in our Intra-squad competition this summer!

Sponsored By: Greytak Family

Kennith Joshua Ordena Aguilar

Kennith is pretty small but he’s got a good stroke and keeps up with the intermediate group. Kennith’s mom works as an accountant for NCA – Nejapa, so Kennith gets reduced tuition at the school. Nica Nads helps with the rest of Kenniths tuition since he’s so consistent and hard working!

Sponsored By: Gluck Family

Lauren Mejia Venegas

Lauren loves swimming a lot! She’s been working on getting her kick a little less scrambled so she can pull more efficiently in freestyle. Lauren is a very sweet girl who also participates in traditional Nicaraguan dancing.

Sponsored By: Shaffer Family

Leo Alejandro Hernandez Garcia

Leo is a lane leader and should swim with our more advanced groups. Since Leo is part of an after- school church program he can only swim Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Leo swims all four strokes very well and occasionally travels with our competition to meets.

Sponsored By: Firth Family

Leonardo Isaac Rocha

Leonardo has really improved this year. Leo is a top swimmer in the intermediate group. Leo is a really funny kid and he’s only 7 years old. Leonardo’s dad speaks English and helped build our pool!

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Marie Alejandra Moreno Moran

MarieAlejandra is a very cute little girl who just joined swim classes back in June. MarieAlejandra has two sisters in Nica Nadadores, Maykeling and Odalys. At five years old, MarieAlejandra can easily swim on her own and she’s close to being able to cross the pool solo!

Odalys Nohemy Moreno Moran

Odalys has been struggling with several health issues this year, yet always maintains a positive attitude! She rarely misses a practice and almost always has a smile on her face. Odalys is malnourished and was one of three swimmers in Nica Nads placed into a food assistance program.

Sponsored By: Fox Family

Sihara Joczbeth Martinez Rugoma

Sihara is a very talkative six-year- old in the beginner group. She can easily cross the pool kicking with a kick board and she’s making progress in breathing to the side. Sihara has a brother Josue, who’s very active in Nica Nadadores.

Sponsored By: Joanna MacDonald

Yubelkis Ramos

Yubelkis is in 8 th grade at Nino Jesus de Praga. She’s got four siblings that participate in Nica Nadadores. Yubelkis is really interested in learning English and a handful of our interns this summer spent quality time in her house tutoring her one-on- one!

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