Equipo Momotombo

Volcán Momotombo stands out among all the volcanos in Nicaragua with its perfectly shaped cone. The volcano made recent headlines for a spectacular eruption in November of 2015. As the lava calmly spilled out of the top of Momotombo, the volcano hinted at blowing its lid and throwing fire high above its perfect brim. The swimmers who train on team volcán Momotombo share a similar hunger to dream big and rip their aspirations out of the sky. These young athletes have been in Nica Nadadores for a little over a year and have proven they belong as competitive swimmers. Take a look at volcán Momotombo below!

Bianka Rachell Robleto Madrigol

Bianka has been swimming now for a little over two years. She’s only 9 years old, she practices really hard, and she’s starting to compete in local meets in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke! Bianka gets excellent grades in school!

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Cynthia Vannessa Medrano Lopez

Cynthia comes to the pool every day of the week even though she’s only required to practice Monday and Thursday. She’s proven to have the fastest butterfly among the girls on the team and has won a PILE of medals this year! Cynthia is currently enrolled in the public school and looks to get a scholarship to NCA – Nejapa next year!

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Eliezer Guillermode Jesus Pichado

Eliezer won “most improved” at our yearly Banquet and Community Day! He’s come a long way since last year and he’s focused a ton on improving his best stroke, backstroke. Eliezer is currently in 8 th grade on scholarship with Nica Nadadores and gets great grades.

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Elsa Karina Gonzalez Hernandez

Elsa is a university aged student-coach! She’s enrolled at Universidad de Valle and studies accounting. Elsa still finds time to swim twice a week and coach the under 6 group on Tuesday afternoons. Elsa is a great role model for our younger kids!

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Fernando Jose Munguia Alfaro

"Fern", while only 14 is developing into a leader in the program. Fern is one of the most dedicated members, not missing any practices so far in 2017. He studies at an English school, NCA Internaitonal where he’s a top student in his class. Fern was selected to attend a swim camp at the University of South Carolina this year and won two medals in competitions this year!

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Francisco Javier Perez Flores

Francisco—Francisco maintains great attendance and work ethic as he continues working on perfecting his breaststroke and butterfly. “Frank” or “Poncho” as all his friends call him has been with Nica Nads since Day 1. Frank is a consistent medal winner at meets all over Nicaragua.

Sponsored By: Suzy and Bob Riley

Genisis Valentina Lopez Rodriguez

Genisis—Genisis is a rising leader among the girls on the team. She’s a team player, always one of the loudest swimmers at practices, encouraging everyone to work hard. Gensis is a promising breaststroker and currently in the 8th grade.

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Gerald Orlando Barberena Ortiz

Gerald is a highly involved swimmer in Nica Nadadores. He trains three days a week and coaches the other two days. Gerald is studying Systems Engineering at university. Gerald was selected to participate in the Gamecocks Swim Camp at the University of South Carolina this year and he is the Nicaragua Novice Champion in the 50 breaststroke!

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Hamilton Gabriel Treminio

Hamilton comes from a very humble family and works hard to improve every day. Hamilton is always into supporting the team and although he’s not at the level of competing just yet, he always accompanies the team at meets. Hamilton is in 9th grade.

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Jose Alfredo Gonzalez Hernandez

Alfredo is an assistant coach with Nica Nadadores and his list of responsibilities is growing. Alfredo is a great swimmer, but more importantly he leads by example. He’s the first one in and last one out every single day. Alfredo is in his first year at University de Valle and he’s an essential part of our team culture.

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Jose Samuel Gonzalez Perez

Samuel swims three days a week, and while he isn’t serious about swimming in competitions, he’s a great teammate who loves taking part in practices and service activities with his teammates. As a 15-year- old in 5 th grade, Samuel mainly benefits from the academic support out program offers.

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Jostin Ezequiel Perez Arias

Jostin has become the next generation of breastroke for Nica Nads! Jostin works really hard in the pool and he’s won a few medals this year in the 9-10 age group category. Jostin will graduate 6 th grade this year and he’s a dedicated student!

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Josue Abraham Martinez Rugoma

Josue is just 10 years old but swims with a ton of heart! Josue is one of the most charismatic and popular boys on the team. He’s always happy, trains hard, encourages his teammates, and gets great grades. Josue is a butterfly specialist and is looking to earn a scholarship next year to NCA – Nejapa.

Sponsored By: Cris Williams

Karla Elena Romero Solis

Karla has one of the best work ethics on the team and her accomplishments speak highly of her dedication to improving. Karla has become the top freestyle and backstroke swimmer among the girls in Nica Nadadores. Karla is incredibly gifted academically and looks to earn a scholarship at NCA – Nejapa in 2018!

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Kevin Elias Perez Arias

Kevin is one of the most promising swimmers in the program. In June, Kevin qualified to compete for Nicaragua in at a meet in Honduras! Always one of the hardest workers in the pool, he rarely misses a practice. Kevin has a natural ability when it comes to feeling the water.

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Kyara Denisse Guadamuz Robleto

Kyara is nine-years- old and is always early for practice. She loves spending time with her friends and teammates whether at the pool, school, or when completing community service activities. Kyara loves swimming!

Sponsored By: Leah Smith in honor of University of Virginia Swimming

Libni Yarett Zeledon Hernandez

Libni is a total “fan favorite”! Just 8-years old, Libni is super sweet but also really serious about being a great swimmer. Libni has won a handful of medals this year in freestyle and he’s working hard on his fly and back too! Libni has a really bright future ahead of him!

Sponsored By: Leah Smith in honor of University of Virginia Swimming

Luisa Amanda Manzanaus Solis

2017 marked the year Luisa came out of her shell. Based off her grades in 2016, Luisa earned a scholarship to NCA – Nejapa in 2017 and has excelled academically in her new school. Luisa is training at a high level, placing in the top three at meets, and loving her teammates!

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Marjury Paola Perez Medrano

Marjury is another example of an excellent role model for our younger swimmers. Marjury has improved tremendously in the training pool and is definitely one of the strongest teenage girls in our program. Marjury hardly ever misses a practice and cares for her teammates!

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Maverick Osmany Guadamuz Robleto

Maverick is an exceptionally self-motivated student-athlete. Maverick never misses a homework assignment, never misses a practice, and has excelled in competition. Maverick is currently in 7 th grade at NCA – Nejapa. Maverick has leadership qualities that will carry him far in our program.

Sponsored By: Leah Smith in honor of University of Virginia Swimming

Maxdiel Alejandro Morales Romero

Maxdiel holds most of the Nica Nads team records, but Max is the kind of guy that hopes the records get broken! He’s constantly pushing his teammates and elevating the level of training. Max was selected last year for our exchange trip and spent 10 days in Virginia. Max is in his 2 nd year of University studying Banking and Administration.

Sponsored By: James and Mandy Kiely

Monica Isabella Ulloa Roberto

Monica has had a difficult year. Monica is a great student and dedicated athlete in the pool, but this year she’s gone through a lot of problems at home and with her health. Monica has been tough through it all and looks to get back to her ways of kicking butt!

Sponsored By: Trisha Mangan

Ricardo Domingo Sotelo

Ricardo was another swimmer that won “most improved” at our 2017 Banquet and Community Day! Ricardo started out with the ugliest strokes in the history of swimming, but now he’s 3 swimming freestyle efficiently! Ricardo is in 6 th grade at a local public school. Hopefully he’ll be on our list of scholarship recipients in 2018.

Sponsored By: Tibo Pierre

Rommel Enoch Romero Solis

Rommel has a habit of hiding in the back of the lane, but we’re in the process of breaking that! Rommel is consistent in swimming and school, he gets good grades, and he’s getting interested in learning English!

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Samantha Gutierrez

Sammy is only 10 years old and is right on the verge of winning medals at meets. Sammy lives right across from the pool so she’s somewhat of a water child. Sammy speaks fluent English so she’s great to have around when volunteers are here that can’t speak Spanish!

Sponsored By: Skillern Family

Sarai Nohemy Rodriguez

Sarai has become a top female leader among the group. Sarai trains really hard and this year at the 2017 Banquet and Community Day she won the “best attendance award”. Sarai gets great grades in her 7 th grade class at NCA – Nejapa. Sarai is one of our most dedicated student-athletes and she’s been involved with Nica Nadadores since day one!

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Scarleth Alejandra Telica Moodys

Scarleth is an important leader in Nica Nadadores. She might not be the top swimmer, but she’s always open to having volunteers over at her house for dinner, she helps coach our little swimmers, and she’s doing her best to learn English. Scarleth is in her 2 nd year at Universidad de Valle.

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