Equipo San Cristobal

Volcán San Cristobal stands close to 6,000 feet tall and tops the list of tallest volcanos in Nicaragua. Some may say it is unconquerable. Just ask Nica Nadadores co-founders Timmy Hayes and Scot Robison, who have failed to reach the summit on three different occasions. Volcán San Cristobal defends itself with a steep incline and terrain close to the top that changes from dense vegetation to knee-deep volcanic gravel. The swimmers on team San Cristobal are learning to be dominant just like the volcano they represent. Most of the athletes in this training group have been in Nica Nadadores for a little over two years and hit the pool three times a week. Check out the swimmers from team volcán San Cristobal – the next generation of leaders!

Andy Josue Rueda Sanchez

Andy has been swimming for a little over year now but has shown great improvement moving up to the harder practices. He is currently in 4 th grade at NCA-Nejapa. Once Andy gets a little tougher he’ll absolutely crush it!

Sponsored By: Erika Stewart

Angela Karina Perez Diaz

Angela joined our program this year. She comes from a very rural neighborhood that’s hardly accessible by truck. Angela is in her last year of high school at the public school and she’s been a very coachable and enthusiastic swimmer during her time with Nica Nads!

Belkys Jareth Moreno Lacayo

Belkys is a shy girl, but she always comes to swim practice ready to be the first one in the water. Belkys studies at a nearby private school and she gets excellent grades. Belkys is only 10 years old so if she keeps making progress week after week she’ll do great!

Sponsored By: Greytak Family

Dania Nahomi Solis Ramos

Dania is 17 years old and while she’s not a top swimmer, she’s one of our most dedicated students. Dania maintains excellent grades and aspires to learn English in her free time. She is studying Hotel Management at University of Managua.

Sponsored By: Jerry Leatherman

Francis Margine Lopez Marenco

Francis studies in 9 th grade at NCA Nejapa where she’s learning English. Francis is a very sweet girl who’s not only interested in English, but also entrepreneurship. She frequently helps her mom and aunts make jewelry and embroidery to sell at local craft markets.

Jasser Ismael Gomez

Jasser is one of our beginner swimmers. He’s already nine years old and hasn’t grown much, which makes his mom concerned he might have some growth issues. Jasser swims big though! He’s got a great kick and he’s doing great breathing to both sides.

Sponsored By: Markus Riggleman

Jessica Mariana Gonzalez Martinez

Jessica is in the 10th grade at the public school. Jessica has three siblings in Nica Nadadores and she’s been swimming for over three years! Jessica is always fun to be around at practice and she sets a great example for the younger swimmers in her workout group.

Sponsored By: James and Mandy Kiely

Jose Mannuel Medrano

Jose has only been swimming for a little over a year. Despite being afraid of the water at first he has progressed more so than anyone on the team. He used to be unable to get his face wet and now he’s swimming 3 times a week and training all different strokes.

Sponsored By: Jerry Leatherman

Maykeling Patricia Moreno Moral

Maykeling swims along with her two younger sisters. Maykeling has a great backstroke and we’re working with her on flip turns. Next year, we expect Maykeling will be on the competition team. This year, she’s working on her endurance and confidence.

Sponsored By: CAC Masters Team

Nahomi Massiel Aroliga Garcia

Nahomi is in the 5th grade at Nino Jessus de Praga. She’s a developing swimmer, focused on improving her flip turns and learning backstroke. Nahomi has a ton of potential and she’s a very popular teammate!

Sponsored By: Mizelle Family

Nahomy Angelin Arneuro Lopez

Nahomy travels FAR for swim class and she hardly misses a class! Nahomy is in 8 th grade at a private school across the city. In order to get to our pool she has to take two different busses and walk another 25 minutes! Nahomy also practices taekwondo!

Sponsored By: David MacDonald

Orlando Gonzalez Lopez

Despite having only joined the program this year, Orlando comes to practice two times a week. While he’s still working on his stroke, he always tries hard and puts forth his best effort. At school, his favorite class is English and he’s in the 5th grade. Orlando’s dad comes from Cuba!

Sponsored By: Patriot Swim Club

Reinaldo Solis Ramos

Reinaldo just started swimming this year and practices with one of our beginner groups. His sister, Dania, is a first-year university student in our scholarship program. Reinaldo has proven to learn quickly!

Sponsored By: Jerry Leatherman

Selena Esmeralda Morales

Selena has been in Nica Nadadores for two years. Selena is getting better at swimming but it’s being with her friends that brings her to the pool! Selena has a younger sister in Nica Nadadores and she’s currently in 7 th grade at Nino Jesus de Praga.

Sponsored By: Eliza Orduna

Sergio Saqueada Blandon

Sergio is 10 year old in 5 th grade at Nino Jesus de Praga. He’s gotten a ton better since he started swimming a little over a year ago. Sergio will be quick to tell you his best friends are his teammates Orlando and Andy Josue!

Sponsored By: Pater Costas

Valeria Anahi Bonilla Gomez

Valeria has been swimming with Nica Nadadores for a little over a year but has shown great improvement. Valeria now practices two days a week and keeps up with the older swimmers in her lane. At only 8 years old, Valeria has a promising future as a swimmer.

Sponsored By: SMAC

Yosidada Garcia

Yosidada is a dedicated senior student at NCA-Nejapa. Next year she’ll be studying in the US for a semester as part of an exchange program through her school. While not one of our top competitors, Yosidada enjoys the team atmosphere and the opportunity to swim with her peers.

Sponsored By: Neumann Family

Yuleyme Isabella Saqueda Blandon

Yuleyme sets the standard for distance per stroke! She has a really efficient stroke that she uses to lead the lane. Yuleyme is a senior at the local public school and she’ll be graduating in December.

Sponsored By: Jon Neumann