About Us

Our Mission:
To use the sport of swimming as a tool to empower the next generation of leaders in under-served communities in Nicaragua.

Our Core Values:
1. Leadership
2. Self Improvement
3. Big Dreams

Our Program:
Nica Nadadores is a swim team, youth development and empowerment program, community service vehicle, and scholarship initiative. We do more than just teach kids how to swim. We empower them to dream big and achieve their goals in all areas of life.

We run daily swim practices, conduct monthly community service activities, mentor on life skills and leadership, and provide academic financial assistance to children who show commitment to Nica Nadadores’ values. Our goal is to help our student-athletes reach their full potential by showing them that their progress and success in the pool is transferable to the classroom and to the rest of their lives.

Forty-six percent of Nicaraguan children do not advance beyond ninth grade . Public schools in the area are overcrowded, teachers are under-trained and underpaid, and a full weekly schedule consists of less than 20 hours of classroom instruction. The Nica Nadadores scholarship program enrolls student-athletes in higher-achieving schools and provides them with the support to succeed. The program holds participants accountable for in- school performance as well as outside study.

Nica Nadadores is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that relies on financial contributions from supporters in the United States and abroad. Please feel free to send questions or comments to contact@nicanadadores.org.

We think you will enjoy our 2017 Annual Report.

The Nica Nadadores Impact

What is the Nica Nadadores program like for kids in Nicaragua? To start out, swimming is just the bait on the hook. Our swimmers become interested in Nica Nadadores for a variety of reasons. Some of our participants commit to the program because their friends and siblings do it. A handful of our participants enroll in the program with the intention to win a scholarship. A small number of our swimmers decide that they want to become champion swimmers. Regardless of their motivation for enrolling in the program, our swimmers fall in love with the team after participating in the Nica Nadadores routine for just a few days. We create an atmosphere where motivated individuals are welcomed by a team of like-minded youth of high character. Our strength in empowering athletes is paired with the financial assistance we offer students in the form of academic scholarships. The result is a student-athlete, a term foreign to many communities in Central America. Every day Nica Nadadores is empowering these student-athletes to become the next generation of leaders.

Our mission of empowering the next generation of leaders is our number one priority. As we make a quality impact on our participants, we remain committed to running a lean organization. Taking to heart the proverb “free things have no value” we believe that our swimmers and their families will not fully appreciate a program that is completely free. Appropriately, we charge each swimmer .75 cents to enroll in Nica Nadadores for one year. Although this generates no real income, it gives our swimmers a tangible stake in the Nica Nadadores organization. We fundraise for our operating budget and we are proud of how far we stretch donor dollars. In order for more donor money to reach our program and participants, we focus on resources such as volunteers and our student-coaching program to keep overhead costs low. With only one full-time Nica Nadadores staff member, our administrative costs are significantly reduced and supporters are confident that their dollars are being used effectively.

Since the birth of the original idea in February 2014, Nica Nadadores has been struggling to gain traction with a large audience of supporters. Specifically, Nica Nadadores initial sustainability plan was to raise awareness among USA Swimming club teams. Many clubs face challenges such as paying for pool time, paying coaches’ salaries, and keeping dues low. As a result, it is difficult for club teams to see the advantage of using team revenue to support Nica Nadadores programs. Our cause is worthy however, and linking our swimmers with U.S.A Swimming members will create an intense reality check. While evaluating the needs of our student-athletes, consider that 43% of our swimmers do not have access to running water, 28% of our swimmers live in houses with dirt floors, 84% of our swimmers have no screens in the windows of their houses, 43% of our swimmers do not have a toilet inside their home, and <1% of our swimmers have wifi in their homes. Sharing these statistics with young swimmers in the U.S and abroad should resonate a call for action. The challenges of daily life here in Managua reach far beyond the challenges seen domestically in the U.S. Issues such as health, sanitation, and limited access to information are just the beginning. Nica Nadadores is making a real impact on youth in need – swimming is just the bait on the hook.