Student Athletes

Nica Nadadores student-athletes work with resiliency to maintain good grades, improve their swimming, and serve the community with purpose. Through the Nica Nadadores framework and your support, these student-athletes have opened the door to possibility and transformation. What started as a small team has become a large family and each student-athlete in our program has earned the opportunity at a brighter future. There are currently over 40 student-athletes enrolled in the Nica Nadadores scholarship initiative. Those that are on scholarship set the example for the remaining 50 swimmers in our program who look to rise to the challenge of attending a more rigorous school. Although not every athlete we work with is on scholarship, you can visit our sponsorship page and get to know each and every participant in our program. We hope you take the chance to meet the following four swimmers who are inspirational leaders to their teammates. Because of their involvement with Nica Nadadores, these four student-athletes can say with honesty that they are the next generation of leaders on our team, in their school, and among their community.

Meet Fernando

Fernando or “Fern” is the top scholar in Nica Nadadores. He has literally grown up in our program. Fern started out as a chubby, baby faced 6th grade student at the public school. Over the course of the 2015-2016 school year Fernando used Nica Nadadores resources to learn English. In August 2016, Fernando attended his first day of 8 th grade at Nicaragua Christian Academy International – an all English speaking school with a reputation of being the top school in Nicaragua. We have no doubt’s that Fernando will have success in a challenging academic atmosphere.

Meet Gerald

Gerald is a mature young man who has proven to be a great role model for athletes of all ages. As a student-coach, Gerald leads two swim classes per week while balancing his own training schedule and university course load. He lives close by with his mom, who is the assistant director at the local public school, so he understands the value of educational opportunity. Gerald has goals for his role with Nica Nadadores as well as professional goals for when he finishes university. Not only is he a top member of our scholarship program studying for a future in electrical engineering and telecommunications, but he has also put in a lot of work improving his breaststroke.

Meet Sarai

Sarai came to the very first Nica Nadadores swim class and has stuck with the program ever since. Sarai deserves credit for being tough, as her everyday life has not been easy. Sarai lives with her mom and two sisters in a 10 foot by 10 foot shack. The girls share bunk beds, there is no bathroom, no shower, no kitchen, or even any walls inside the house. Battling all the economic disadvantages in her life, Sarai has never once stopped looking toward a brighter future. Sarai started 6th grade at Nicaragua Christian Academy in Nejapa in February 2015 and since then she has matured and improved academically every day.

Meet Nathy

Nathy is without a doubt the smartest and most cheerful young women in our program. If she sees that you’re angry she’ll say “amor y paz” or “peace and love”! If she sees a teammate struggling in the water she’s the first to say “vos podes” or “you can do it”! Nathy holds her teammates accountable for their performance in and out of the pool. She didn’t love swimming from the start, but she’s developed a greater passion for the sport over time. Nathy comes from a single-mother household located in one of the poorest areas of Managua and she travels over 20 minutes to get to swim class. Nathy is in our scholarship program and boasts a team high 95% average in her 10th grade class at NCA – Nejapa.

Pictures of Our Athletes