Sponsorship Opportunities

Imagine being conditioned to respond to every challenge with, “I can’t.” Imagine not having the parental support that makes you feel motivated to achieve your dreams. Imagine never having a chance to wear a pair of goggles. This is the reality for children in our community who do not participate in Nica Nadadores—but you can change this today! Together, we can give kids the confidence, experience, and passion to say “I CAN”. Do you want to witness the powerful results of your support? If so, sponsor a swimmer today!

2016 was a huge success! We had all 90 swimmers in our program sponsored before our 90 day deadline. This year we are targeting U.S. based swim teams to take the lead. We hope to engage a much larger audience and educate young swimmers about our program who are able and willing to take an active role in this outreach. If you want to sponsor a swimmer, but are not involved with any swim team, that's fine.

By sponsoring a swimmer for $300, your or your team can provide an entire year of private school tuition, swim classes, competitions, service activities, school supplies, swimming equipment, backpacks, and tutoring services. That’s just $25 each month to provide life-changing opportunities to children in need. An average family spends $20 per month on pizza. Sponsoring a Nica Nadadores swimmer is a really good deal! We promise to add real value to your sponsorship by sending quarterly academic updates, photos, and written notes throughout the year from your swimmer.

Please follow the links below to sponsor a swimmer today. The Nica Nadadores program is broken down into four training groups. Each training group is named after a few of the iconic volcanoes that pepper the Nicaraguan landscape. Read about each volcano below and how they represent the different training groups! Click on the team link and you can read about each individual swimmer in our program.