Meet our Staff

Scot (co-founder)

Scot is currently enrolled at The University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Prior to pursuing an MBA, Scot worked full time with Nica Nadadores, splitting time between Charlotte, NC and Managua. Working primarily on finance, marketing, and planning, he enjoyed visiting Nicaragua helping Timmy direct the program there. Scot captained the swim team in his college days at U.Va., and went on to win a few international medals with Team USA. His favorite things about Nicaragua are its welcoming culture and its unspoiled natural beauty. Although Scot now has his hands full with graduate school, he still remains involved in Nica Nadadores growth and plans to use what he is learning at Darden to keep the Nica Nadadores impact strong.

Timmy (co-founder)

Timmy spearheads fundraising efforts and handles on-the-ground activities in Managua, including running swim classes, directing the scholarship program, organizing a variety of special projects and behind-the-scenes work, identifying possibilities for growth, and forming relationships in the community. He also travels to the U.S. several times each year to participate in clinics and promote the organization. Timmy moved to Managua after earning a Spanish degree at U.Va, where he won four ACC team championships. Now in his fourth year living in Nicaragua, Timmy is a local favorite. It’s hard to find a person in Managua who doesn’t know him. Timmy’s passion for surfing makes Nicaragua a good place to be, and he has explored most of its Pacific coast in search of good waves.

Kyle (co-founder)

Based in Pennsylvania, Kyle’s responsibilities include organizing and planning clinics and fundraising events, managing our IT needs, as well as a handful of business-related duties. Since his days as captain of the Clemson Swimming & Diving program, Kyle has discovered a passion for coaching. He is currently the Lead Assistant Coach at Blue Eagle Swim Team in Nazareth, PA. Kyle also works full time in the financial services industry in Bethlehem, PA. Kyle made the trip to Managua to visit Nica Nadadores programs and made an immediate impact on our swimmers in-water technical skills. Kyle hopes to continue to find ways for our swimmers to elevate their level of swimming and compete with experience.


In June of 2015 Nica Nadadores played host to our very first program intern. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with numerous volunteers and interns who have made an impact on our organization with their creativity, intelligence, passion, curiosity and drive. Swimmers and non-swimmers have spent days or months on the ground in Managua experiencing the process of what it takes to empower young leaders.

The Nica Nadadores internship program is not for the faint of heart. Interns and volunteers have tackled difficult projects and the common theme among our visitors is a high resolve to get the job done. Although teaching swimming is part of the volunteer experience, we pride ourselves in giving our volunteers real responsibility. We expect a high level of self-initiative and help with data collection for grant applications, community census to gage our participant’s needs, manual labor to maintain our facility, and assisting in promoting the Nica Nadadores brand.

We treat our volunteers as a part of our family. Any volunteer who has come to Nicaragua to work with Nica Nadadores will tell you that they felt immersed in our community. Our swimmers will respect you and invite you into their homes. You will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Nicaragua. We promise to send you back to the states with the feeling that you contributed to building one of the best youth development organizations in the Americas.